Monday, 2 January 2017

OUGD601 - Primary Research - Interview with Abake Studio

As part of my primary research, I decided to get in contact with Åbäke, a design studio based in London who's work has previously been described as being 'speculative' and 'critical'. I got in contact with them, and they agreed to answer my questions on the condition that I made a film documenting the discussion.

The responses from Åbäke were excellent, highly insightful and provocative in places. At the end of each written response was either one or a series of questions for me to answer. This was unique, as none of the other people that I interviewed posed questions directly to me, which I found refreshing.

Åbäke asked me to compile a video of the conversation. It was entirely up to me to decide how I wanted to go about forming the video, so I decided to film my glasses on the table in order to visually represent Åbäke. I did this to perpetuate the stereotype that graphic designers wear glasses, as I have obviously never met anyone from the studio and have no clue what they look like.

I volunteered my mother to read the responses and pretend to be the studio, which was a lot of fun. I filmed my face looking off into the distance, pondering my responses as a tongue and cheek way of representing the interview.

I have sent the video back to Åbäke, as they requested and hopefully, they will find it entertaining and perhaps use it on their blog or something along those lines.

Overall, conducting the interview was highly beneficial to my primary research and gave me some excellent food for thought for my dissertation.

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