Monday, 9 January 2017

OUGD601 - Practical - Speculative Retreat Concept

I wanted to produce a poster series which linked directly the notions explored in my essay concerning the removal of genuine conceptual thinking and employment of design skills. The posters demonstrate the extent to which the digital workspace has essentially made the designer redundant, or simply obsolete. I was able to design this series of posters by simply typing in a theme into the search bar. The website then provided me with a range of images, with which I simply needed to select the one I saw as being most appropriate. It then offers you the option to detect the colours in the image. You then have the option of adding type, which I did. Then all that is left to do is click 'make poster' and the application renders the image with the colours and condenses everything together. What you end up with is a low-resolution composition which has been completely designed by a machine. 

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