Thursday, 12 January 2017

OUGD601 - Module Evaulation

Module Evaluation

Overall, I found OUGD601 to be an extremely challenging module in terms of time management and motivation. However, I do feel a sense of accomplishment now that it has been completed. I expanded my conceptual understanding of my practice into new areas not previously explored, and I now feel that I am able to better understand the motivations and influences behind my personal practice.

The written aspect of the project resulted in a diverse exploration of highly topical themes facing the field of graphic design, in which I take great interest. I developed a strong critical argument through undertaking both extensive secondary and primary research, which provided me with insightful stances on the array of contemporary themes within visual culture. On reflection, it would have been beneficial to conduct wider primary research, perhaps in the form of more interviews with varied practitioners; however, the attained research was more than appropriate to this specific paper.

The practical element was enjoyable, as my research theme granted me to run wild with highly conceptual themes and allow for a lot of experimentation. I do feel that within the timeframe of this module, I was unable to fully explore every potential of my practical concept, and therefore believe that it has the capability to be developed much further and perhaps extended into a more realised body of work. On the other hand, my research theme facilitated a certain sense of incompleteness in the practical work, The multiple outcomes reflect the sheer plurality and multiplicity of graphic design in the digital era, as in the digital era, a concept can never truly be realised until it is sent to print.

To summarise, I feel I have produced a well synthesised research project which tackles a highly diverse topic in a way that was relevant to my personal concerns and interests. Admittedly, the theme I chose to explore was extremely broad, perhaps too broad. I was highly ambitious going into this module, which in hindsight was a positive and negative thing. This ambition meant that I wasn’t able to cover every topic I intended to in the essay, however, I succeeded in producing an essay which I feel covers the most significant themes in relation the theme. I would like to continue researching this topic, but will definitely endeavour to narrow my concerns down in future research projects, to develop a more refined understanding of the issues facing contemporary graphic design. 

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