Tuesday, 3 January 2017

OUGD601 - 'Derridean' Devices

'The purpose of Derridean devices was the prevent conceptual closure, or the reduction of his texts to an ultimate meaning. These devices can be clearly seen in Postmodern and contemporary graphic design, for example, the Derridean concept of 'sous rature' - the tactic of putting an idea 'under erasure' by crossing it out, in order to alert the reader not to accept it at face value.' (Poyner, 2003, P; 46)

These devices can be described as 'deconstructivist' and appear regularly in contemporary work. Below are some interesting examples, some of which are commercial, others aimed at smaller audiences:

« RSF: «La liberté de la presse est en recul dans le monde » RFI par Tadef




Muzieklab Brabant

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