Tuesday, 3 January 2017

OUGD601 - Jarrett Fuller Essays

I Don't Know What Graphic Design Is - Jarrett Fuller

'Published in 2016, I Don't Know What Graphic Design Is, is a collection of my essays on design, culture, and technology from the last five years. Ranging from criticism, book reviews, and theoretical texts, this book captures my thinking on design and uncovers the common themes that I've returned to again and again. Printed in black and white, using only Helvetica, the simple layout emphasizes the print-on-demand form while also putting the words first.'
Quoted from http://www.jarrettfuller.com/portfolio/design/essays.htm 
This book looks really intriguing and would have provided me with some excellent insight for my essay. Unfortunately it is not currently available for purchase, however, I will try and get a copy soon as I intend to further my knowledge on this topic after COP3 has finished. It will be a nice edition to my personal art/design library. 

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